The Club was originally incorporated November 29, 1962 as Rancho Bernardo Park, the name was changed to the Swim and Tennis Club on January 10, 1968.  It is one of the oldest clubs of its type in California.

The reason it even exists is that the City of San Diego required that any new residential development must include a recreational facility large enough to serve the planned community. Arrangements had to be made to insure the continuity of the clubs through proper management and finances. To guarantee that the Club would  have sufficient income, AVCO included in the CC&Rs of every lot that it would be a mandatory member of the Swim and Tennis Club and would have to pay the dues as set from time to time by the Board of Directors

The Club management was organized as a Board of Directors with AVCO appointing 2 Directors and the others elected from the first owners in the area. A swimming pool and playground was built and AVCO started selling homes, the first ones were along Bernardo Oaks Drive. AVCO put up the money to run the small Club and added monies to build more facilities as it was selling more homes.

The concept was that when enough homes were built and the homeowners were paying sufficient dues, AVCO would turn over the ownership to the Rancho Bernardo Swim and Tennis Club Corporation and remove its appointed directors. This took place on December 2, 1975.

The Club is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation.   It is managed by a 9 member volunteer Board of Directors.  The Club is not a Traditional Homeowner Association. It does not maintain any houses, streets or landscape except for what is within the boundaries of the Club.

Over the years the club has grown and in terms of facilities and membership.   The club currently has over 3,000 member residences.   The club has built additional tennis courts, pools, and building facilities to meet the needs of the members.